“As a Joint Action Agency, the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia supports natural gas industry research and development. The Municipal Gas Authority serves 78 public natural gas systems in five states. The communities we represent depend on a financially sound natural gas enterprise to contribute toward the quality of life for their citizens. A robust research and development program is imperative for a successful natural gas system.

We are the beneficiaries of research and development accomplished in years past. The high efficiency furnaces, tankless water heaters, super-efficient industrial boilers, and improved natural gas cooking equipment are applications we can point to that are products of research and development and successfully competing in today’s appliance marketplace. On the production side, we enjoy a supply-rich natural gas environment through the development of horizontal drilling and access to shale natural gas. The question is what key technologies will we have in the next 20 years to allow us to compete with other energy providers?

We have found that the APGA Research Foundation (APGARF) is the best entity for us to do our part in investing in industry research and development. A successful R/D program cannot be accomplished by one or a few natural gas systems. It takes each natural gas system making an investment. The APGA RF is able to leverage our dollars with other public gas systems, investor-owned utilities, manufacturers, state energy commissions, and the Department of Energy (DOE) to achieve great efficiencies for each dollar invested.”

 -Rodney Dill, manager of member services, southern region, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia, Kennesaw, GA



“The need for research and development in the natural gas industry is a “no brainer” in my way of thinking. Without a robust R&D program, an industry tends to become stagnant and can find it difficult to remain competitive in today’s world. Through gas industry R&D, numerous new products have been developed both on the customer end-use and operational side. These products have lowered our operating costs, improved safety, and have enabled our customers to use natural gas more efficiently and in new and better ways.

For a medium-sized utility like City Utilities of Springfield, it is virtually impossible to have a large enough R&D budget to support any meaningful research on our own. That is why the APGA Research Foundation makes so much sense for us.

By investing in the Research Foundation at a relatively modest level, we join with other municipal gas systems in sponsoring important R&D work. The Foundation has a seat at the table and is involved in managing and guiding a very robust research program for the benefit of municipal gas systems and our customers. Through this collaborative effort, we reap the benefits of millions of dollars worth of research for our relatively modest individual investments.”

-Wade Stinson, P.E., associate general manager of operations, City Utilities of Springfield, MO



“R&D work in the natural gas industry has consistently benefitted the Borough of Chambersburg’s customers.Without advances such as polyethylene pipe, mobile leak detection equipment and high efficiency appliances, to name a few, our system would not be as safe or affordable to our customers.By contributing to the APGA Research Foundation, we are able to help continue the needed R&D work that will enable gas to keep improving the future for our customers.”

-John Leary, superintendent of the Borough of Chambersburg Gas Department, Chambersburg, PA



“A significant portion of our APGA Research Foundation (APGARF) funding has been allocated to the Utilization Technology Deployment (UDT), the Operational Technology Deployment (ODT), and the Sustaining Membership Program (SMP).These research entities, spawned by the GTI Energy and independently managed by Boards of Directors made up of natural gas systems and associations, have proven the most effective way for us to leverage our APGARF dollars to accomplish research & development (R&D) deliverables, which are vital to the long-term competitiveness and success of our industry.Additionally, we have invested in a number of Energy Solutions Center (ESC) consortia, American Gas Foundation projects, and other targeted R&D projects. This pooling of APGA member system dollars with the natural gas industry and other available R&D dollars has allowed APGARF to accomplish many deliverables that could never have been accomplished by any one system.”

-Chuck Warrington, managing director & executive officer, Clearwater Gas System



“For years the natural gas industry has been stagnant in the way we utilize natural gas and how we maintain and operate our gas systems. The Utilization Technology Development (UTD) partnership is introducing new products for commercialization and application in the commercial, residential and industrial markets.A few examples of new technology that will impact our markets are the low-oil-volume fryers, solar-gas water heaters for residential and commercial applications and the countertop steamer.The Operation Technology Development (OTD) partnership supports R&D on various technologies available for leak location, evaluation and repairs, line locating technologies for gas, sewer, and water,DIMP technology, pipe coatings, underground radar systems, directional bore technology, and many others.The APGA Research Foundation, a member of UTD and OTD, provides the unique vehicle to participate in the research and development of these valuable products that will benefit our industry in the near and distant future.Okaloosa Gas District’s contribution is leveraged many times over allowing us to fund and participate in cutting edge technology that would be unaffordable if we were trying to do it ourselves.Gas Districts and Municipal Gas systems can now “direct” research to projects that are meaningful to us.”

-Jose N. Lozano, Okaloosa Gas District, Valparaiso, FL



“As a public gas system we know the importance of natural gas and how that role will continue to increase in the future.To ensure that natural gas continues to provide the highest value possible, we have an obligation to invest in research and development.The American Public Gas Association Research Foundation provides the perfect avenue to ensure that this investment is being spent appropriately.Funding the Research Foundation provides City Utilities of Springfield the opportunity to have a seat at the table and a voice in major research and development that we otherwise would not have.Projects funded by the Research Foundation not only improve the ways our customers use natural gas but also has allowed us to improve operational efficiencies and keep the cost of serving the community as low as possible.”

-Gary Gibson, P.E., director of distribution, City Utilities of Springfield, MO


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