RF Board of Directors

  • Don Suarez

    Don Suarez, Chair of the APGA Research Foundation Board of Directors

    Pensacola Energy, Pensacola, FL

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    Chris Latch, 1st Vice Chair

    Corinth Gas & Water Department, Corinth MS

  • No Picture

    John Olshefski, 2nd Vice Chair

    Huntsville Utilities, Huntsville, AL

  • Gary Gibson

    Gary Gibson, Executive RF Board Member

    City Utilities of Springfield, Springfield, MO

  • Jim Hodges

    Jim Hodges, Executive RF Board Member

    Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District, Tenn.


  • John Leary

    John Leary, Executive RF Board Member

    Borough of Chambersburg, Chambersburg, PA


  • No Picture

    Arthur Corbin, Ex Officio Director

    Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

  • Jimmy Sprouse

    Jimmy Sprouse, Past Chairman of the APGA Research Foundation Board of Directors

    York County Natural Gas Authority, Rock Hill, SC




  • No Picture

    Rodney Dill

    Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

  • No Picture

    Mike Gundersen

    Elk River Public Utility District, Tullahoma, TN

  • No Picture

    Shannon Jackson

    Southeast Alabama Gas District, Andalusia, AL


  • No Picture

    Eric Johnson

    Jackson Energy Authority, Jackson, TN



  • No Picture

    Monica Marlow

    Lake Apopka Natural Gas District Winter Garden FL

  • No Picture

    Frank McRae

    City of Mesa, Mesa, AZ


  • No Picture

    Eddie Moffit

    Elk River Public Utility District. Tullahoma, TN

  • No Picture

    Mark Nibaur

    Austin Utilities, Austin MN

  • No Picture

    Mark O'Neal

    Greater Dickson Gas Authority, Dickson, TN



  • Pat Riley

    Pat Riley

    Gibson County Utility District, Trenton, TN


  • No Picture

    John Sharpe

    Brownsville Utilities, Brownsville, TN


  • No Picture

    Mike Tadros

    City of Tallahassee, Florida


  • John Leary

    Francis (Durk) Tyson

    Greenville Utilities Commission, Greenville, NC

  • Chuck Warrington

    Clearwater Gas System, Clearwater, FL


  • Alonzo Weaver

    Memphis Light, Gas & Water Memphis, TN

  • Perry Williams

    Greer Commission of Public Works, Greer, SC


  • John Zuk

    John Zuk

    Philadelphia Gas Works, Philadelphia, PA