How to Join

How much should my system contribute?

  • Systems are free to determine their own level of voluntary APGA Research Foundation investment.
  • Generally public gas systems are asked to consider making a voluntary fair share investment in the APGA Research Foundation.
  • Systems are encouraged to invest at least 1.00 cent/Dth.
  • For those able to invest more, they are asked to consider investing 1.50 – 2.00 cents/Dth.
  • This voluntary investment could be made through a direct payment to the APGA RF or as part of gas cost. If you choose to add an R&D surcharge to gas cost, your gas supplier would remit that surcharge to the APGA Research Foundation.

The APGA Research Foundation appreciates all levels of public gas system voluntary R&D investment.

Joining is easy!

Click the “Join” button below and fill out the contribution pledge form.

You can still join the RF and start contributing in 2022!