Combining our investments with the investments of others allows the RF to leverage each of its dollars ten to twenty times on critically important R&D projects. The RF invests in the collaborative research programs managed by GTI Energy, which are described below. By joining in these ventures, the RF is able to vote its dollars toward projects that benefit RF investors. Each RF investor has access to all of the research developed in each program.

Every RF investor has a voice in how their voluntary R&D investments are spent, and we would like to invite you to join us. Click here to find printable documents about why financial support for R&D programs is critical to maintaining the competitiveness of natural gas.

RF Research Programs

OTD was formed to develop, test, and implement new technologies. The objective of OTD is to address a wide range of technology issues relating to gas operations and its infrastructure. OTD projects are designed to enhance system safety, improve operating efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and maintain system reliability and integrity. Participants benefit from input from numerous sources, address common regulatory issues, and serve to demonstrate the broad industry support needed to gain the interest of potential product manufacturers.

UTD was formed to direct the development of end use technologies where stakeholder needs are not adequately met by existing technology and ensure market success via deployment and commercialization of the developed technologies. Through collaborative research and technology development, UTD member companies pool their resources and leverage available funding with state and federal government agencies. This approach assists in the alignment of energy efficiency improvements, greenhouse gas reductions, customer retention, and decoupled rate structures.

ETP is focused on accelerating the commercialization and adoption of the latest end use technologies. The program is designed to help companies identify and evaluate the most promising products and integrated solutions and assess their suitability for future use in the marketplace and within utility energy efficiency and other market transformation programs. ETPstrives to create market pull by the deployment of solutions at a desired scale, leading to self-sustaining commercial viability, energy savings, and impact.