Mission Statement

The APGA Research Foundation (RF) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that serves as the “bank” for public gas systems to contribute and allocate voluntary dollars to research & development (R&D) projects important to public gas customers.The RF pools the contributed money to invest in projects deemed important by its member systems. Every RF investor has a voice in how their voluntary R&D investments are spent.

The APGA RF invests in developing new and improved products, processes, practices, and knowledge to increase the operational safety of natural gas distribution infrastructure and to increase the utilization of safe and efficient natural gas end-use technologies. Projects outside the scope of this definition may be funded by the RF only if 60% of the quorum present at an RF board meeting votes to approve said project. 

By investing in projects across the innovation cycle, from Idea Generation to Product Development through Commercialization, the RF guides the development of products that benefit its member systems.The RF identifies and prioritizes research projects to invest in and ensures that project deliverables are tracked and met. Those deliverables include commercialization prospects, values and schedules.

 Every RF investor has a voice in how their voluntary R&D investments are spent, and we would like to invite you to join us. Click here to find printable documents about why financial support for R&D programs is critical to maintaining the competitiveness of natural gas.