The APGA Research Foundation (RF) has several important partners that enhance its funding support for research and development (R&D).

GTI Energy

GTI Energy is a premier energy R&D organization. For more than 65 years, GTI Energy has been the leader in the development and deployment of natural gas technology solutions that contribute to a secure, abundant, and affordable energy future. As such, it provides economic value to the natural gas industry and its customers, while supporting the government in achieving policy objectives. To date, GTI Energy programs have resulted in nearly 500 products, 750 licenses, and more than 1,200 associated patents. The RF works primarily through GTI Energy’s four not-for-profit organizations devoted to facilitating voluntarily funded, collaborative research related to operations and end use applications. The collaborative nature of the Sustaining Membership Program (SMP), Operations Technology Development (OTD) and UtilizationTechnology Development (UTD) allow the RF to leverage each of its dollars ten to twenty times on critically important R&D projects. The Emerging Technology Program (ETP) accelerates the market acceptance of emerging gas technologies. The RF also has a seat on the GTI Energy Board and two seats on GTI Energy’s Public Interest Advisory Committee.
The RF helped fund GTI Energy’s 2009 technical analysis calling for greater direct use of gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency of appliances and homes. The RF is also a partial funder of the current GTI Energy/Navigant Vision Study to determine the role of natural gas in the new world of the smart energy grid.


Energy Solutions Center (ESC)

The Energy Solutions Center is a technology commercialization and market development organization representing energy utilities, municipal energy authorities, and equipment manufacturers and vendors.The mission of the Center is to accelerate the acceptance of and deployment of new energy-efficient, gas-fueled technologies that enhance the operations and productivity of commercial and industrial energy users, and improves comfort and reliability for residential energy users. The ESC and its members identify, evaluate, and prioritize new market opportunities and then implement market development initiatives designed to move products from R&D success to broad market acceptance. The RF and its investor public gas systems are members of several ESC consortia that focus on commercial and residential markets and National Accounts. The RF investors are recipients of all deliverables of those ESC consortia of which the RF is a member. Most important is the unending top quality hard copy and electronic marketing materials.

American Gas Foundation (AGF)

The American Gas Foundation is a not-for-profit organization focused on being an independent source of information research and programs on energy and environmental issues that affect public policy, with a particular emphasis on natural gas. The AGF has delivered numerous key public policy reports since 2000 and has sponsored executive level forums and events focusing on energy supply. The RF has supported the AGF on important policy studies such as the “Public Policy and Real Energy Efficiency.”