Emerging Technology Program (ETP)

The M-CoGen micro-combined cooling, heat and power (micro-CCHP) PowerAire System provides cooling, heating, and power in a single unit for residences or small businesses. TS-R06E

California Energy Commission Residential Water Heating Program: Facilitating market transformation to higher efficiency gas fired water heating in order to expedite the emerging next generation of higher efficiency gas-fired water heating technologies into wider spread use in the California and greater U.S. marketplace TS-R07

 Integrated radiant heating and cooling systems regulate room temperature through heated or cooled water passed  through tubing embedded inside floors or walls. TS-R08

While the use of condensing technology in residential furnaces is well established, it lags in several other gas heating applications. Several manufacturers have begun marketing condensing versions of nonstandard furnace appliances. TS-R09

A hybrid gas-solar domestic hot water system utilizes solar energy to preheat the water with a traditional gas storage or tankless system, stepping in to heat water in excess of the solar capacity and to ensure consistent hot water. TS-R10

Natural Gas Wall Mounted Furnaces are an individualized heating solution that delivers un-ducted zone heating and provides a comfortable living environment, reduces energy consumption, and lowers operating costs. TS-R11

The IBD Bid Management System is a whole house retrofit program infrastructure that provides scalable program delivery with full utility attribution, without reliance upon financial incentives paid by the utility sponsor. TS-R13

Essess deploys high-throughput, infrared technology that identifies sources of energy loss in homes and commercial buildings in order to incentivize improvements to the building envelope. Essess’ technology targets persistent, verified energy efficiency benefits for utility and government clients. TS-R12

A single thermal engine supplies radiant space heating and domestic hot water needs while creating opportunities for market potential and energy efficiency in residential applications. TS-R14

The Rinnai Q Premier Boiler combines a boiler and indirect tank in one unit to efficiently deliver both water heating and home heating in a single engineered combi boiler system. TS-R14A

Residential feedback refers to programs or technologies that increase consumer understanding of their home energy use, leading to energy efficiency through changes in consumer behavior or capital investments. TS-R05

A gas water heater timer is a controller that can automatically “set back” or lower stored temperature within the tank of a water heater for periods of time when hot water demand is low, and raise the temperature for periods of time when hot water demand is high. TS-R15

New World Machines has developed a packaged solar air conditioning system for residential and commercial applications that will allow building owners the opportunity to reduce peak demand electricity usage by taking air condition off the grid. TS-R16

ClearEdge has installed 130 of its CE5 fuel cell mCHP units throughout North America and Canada. Thermal energy is used for space heating and domestic hot water, usually through boiler preheating. TS-R06C

Takes waste heat from commercial or residential air conditioners and produces hot water with no energy inputs while improving efficiency of the connected air conditioning equipment. TS-R17

The Enerheat IFP45 by Nu-Air Ventilation is a condensing fireplace, condensing furnace, and heat recovery ventilator in one appliance and claims over 95% overall efficiency.TS-R18

Steam System Balancing for multifamily residential buildings in northern climates offers the opportunity for gas savings and improved tenant comfort by following a series of well documented measures for improving system performance. TS-R19

Virtual pipeline technology takes advantage of advanced natural gas compression and transportation technologies to connect customers to natural gas before pipeline connections are available. TS-R20

Generates and adds ozone to the water supply feeding the washing machine. Ozone eliminates the need for hot water and may also reduce the need for detergents and other laundry chemicals. TS-R21

Condensing heating technology in a specialized but growing class of HVAC rooftop units (RTUs) – dedicated outside air systems – for a “big box” retail store application with thermal efficiencies between 90% and 93%. TS-C01 (Active Project)

A comprehensive hot water energy management system applies advanced controls to the boiler and pumps to automatically adjust temperatures and run time operation based on real time events to save energy. Remote monitoring and auto-fault detection ensures persistence of energy savings. TSC02A

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent that works well in cold water, thereby greatly reducing demand for hot water in commercial laundry. This translates into significant energy savings. TS-C03

he M2G is an advanced intelligent boiler control that optimizes the heating efficiency of hot water boilers and significantly reduces energy consumption through elimination of wasteful burner firing and effectively spreading the system loading demand over the number of installed boilers. TS-C04 (Active Project)

Gas engine-drive heat pumps (GHPs) combine high efficiency heating and cooling to offer the potential to reduce operating and lifecycle costs compared to conventional HVAC equipment. TS-C05

The commercial food service industry is a significant energy market with over double the energy intensity of the average commercial customer. There exist opportunities for new technologies to transform the market and increase efficiency. TS-C06

Air Curtains provide an open passageway between different temperature environments while limiting heating or cooling losses in commercial/industrial applications. TS-I02 (Active Project)
The Sidel Systems SRU Flue Gas Condenser heat recovery unit is designed to recover almost all of the waste energy from a forced draft heating unit, and turn it into usable heat. TS-I03
Automatic steam trap monitoring system is an automated system that can identify a failing steam trap as it is becomes ineffective and notify a webbased system instantly. TS-I04 (Active Project)
Destratification fans provide an inexpensive method to lower gas consumption in large, open facilities by forcing the warmer air near the ceiling down to the floor level, decreasing the need for extraneous heat. TS-I05 (Active Project)
VOCGEN is a combined heat and power solution for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with  which industrial facilities can meet emission requirements while additionally producing electrical power and high quality waste heat. TS-I06 Boiler Heat Recovery Workshop - Training is provided by GTI Energy to help industry professionals understand steam generation systems, equipment, and considerations for implementation of various types of boiler heat recovery technology and best practices to evaluate systems for optimum operation. TS-I07
Advanced grain dryers automate grain moisture and drying bin temperature feedback control are more efficient than typical grain dryers due to the implementation of a modulating capacity burner with and heat recovery. TS-I08
A stand-alone closed-loop control system that measures flue gas excess oxygen and constantly adjusts fuel or air flow to achieve a user-selectable setpoint. Low cost retrofit of existing boilers that can result in 5 to 10% fuel savings with most installations having less than two year payback. TS-I09 (Active Project)
 Energy management information systems provide small businesses with means for real-time management and control of their energy usage, primarily for gas, lighting, and HVAC systems. TS-I10

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