Veritas Protocols Now Available

GTI Energy has been working with industry partners to create open source Veritas protocols that provide a consistent approach to measuring methane emissions. These protocols will allow companies with methane reduction targets to report reductions in a consistent and verifiable way.

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Systems are free to determine their own level of voluntary APGA Research Foundation investment!

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The RF has invested in various calculator tools like the Energy Planning Analysis Tool and CMR Methane Emissions Calculator.

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Our Mission

Investing across the innovation cycle from idea generation and development through commercialization, the RF influences energy products that benefit consumers and the employees that serve them.


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Active UTD Projects


Active OTD Projects

Utilization Technology Development (UTD)

The RF focuses on end-use research and development through its membership in UTD.

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Operations Technology Development (OTD)

The RF focuses on providing solutions to a wide-range of challenges and changes for natural gas delivery systems through its membership in the OTD.

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Emerging Technology Program (ETP)

The RF participates in GTI Energy's ETP to focus on accelerating the commercialization and adoption of the latest end use technologies.

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Energy Solutions Center (ESC)

The RF participates in various Consortia with the ESC to accelerate the acceptance of and deployment of new energy-efficient, gas-fueled technologies.

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APGA Research Foundation

Calculator Tools

The APGA Research Foundation (RF) invests in the research, development and commercialization of operations and end-use natural gas products and tools. Visit the RF's calculator tool page to view resources such as Energy Planning Analysis Tool, CMR Methane Emissions Calculator, and Combined Heat & Power – CHP Calculator Tool. Become an RF Contributor today to support tools and research like these calculators.

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